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In 2004 Dr. Thomas K. Weber founded the nation’s first public colon cancer awareness event – the Colon Cancer Challenge. As a surgical oncologist working daily with colorectal cancer patients, he saw the need for increasing public awareness of the nation’s second deadliest form of cancer and the importance of expanding research focused on the causes and cures of colorectal cancer. Since its first year the Colon Cancer Challenge has grown to attract thousands of participants and supporters from around the nation.The Colon Cancer Challenge offers survivors, family, and friends of those affected by colorectal cancer a unique opportunity to raise public awareness and contribute to the fight against this preventable, yet often fatal disease.

In 2008 the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation was established with a formal mission of reducing colorectal cancer and related deaths through supporting research, increasing public awareness and education, and collaborating with strategic partners in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Learn More IconWhile we have made great progress in reducing incidence and death rates of those 50 or older over the last decade, the simple fact is colorectal cancer is still the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in women and men. And incidence rates and death of those under 50 have increased at an alarming rate each year.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors, we are able to continue to work towards our vision of A World Without Colorectal Cancer ™. Each sponsor is a valuable partner, whose generosity and support is vital to the fight. There is no way to adequately thank them for their contribution to our work. Over the years, we have developed close, long-standing relationships with our corporate partners — many of whom have been supporters since the organization’s inception. They see the value of their commitment — within their organizations, where each year more employees are getting involved and working to help eradicate colorectal cancer.

We invite you to join our community of supporters! Make a difference! Reap the benefits! For more information about these sponsorship opportunities, contact us at



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