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serves as a fundraising and volunteer group that targets young professionals

in helping join the fight against colorectal cancer.

The YLB works to finance projects and organize events to help

fund the goals and objectives of the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation.

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Brandi Kligman is an Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the NY Attorney General's Organized Crime Task Force.  She joined forces with The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation in 2008, when her mother, Robin Maxwell was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer.  Brandi, alongside her mother fund raised for Team Robin the Brave for five years.  After a long battle with the disease, Robin passed away in December 2013.  Since then, Brandi has been named the Chair of the Young Leadership Board of CCCF.  Brandi is dedicated to providing awareness and prevention tactics to the young professional community within NYC.  Her mother Robin was 58 years old when she was diagnosed, and had never had a colonoscopy - a situation that Brandi wants to prevent from ever happening again.  Brandi received her Bachelors Degree from American University in Washington D.C., and her J.D. from University of Baltimore School of Law.  She currently resides in Manhattan.  



Andy DiPietro web

"In 2014, Andy and his family and friends ran their first colon cancer challenge at Citi Field for Team Alpine Air in honor of his late father, Sal DiPietro, and late grandfather, Lee DiPietro, who both lost their battles to colon cancer. Since then, Andy has made a conscious effort in both screening for colon cancer for himself as well as promoting the early detection of colorectal cancer globally.

Andy is a firm believer in the importance of educating young adults, particularly for those with family history or those with colorectal-related illnesses, in the early detection of and continual screening for colorectal cancer. Andy joined the Young Leadership Board in May of 2014 and, since then, has helped the foundation raise over $10,000 through volunteering, fundraising and event planning initiatives. Andy serves as the Events Chairman for the YLB.

While he is not spending time working with the CCCF, Andy is an Assistant Vice President at Barclays, where he specializes in real estate finance and capital markets. Prior to joining Barclays in 2015, Andy spent 4 years at JPMorgan.

Andy received a Bachelor in Sciences degree in Finance from Lehigh University in 2011. He is a native of the small town of Monmouth Beach in New Jersey."

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