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Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation Annual Research Scholar Award

The CCCF is pleased to announce the launch of its Annual Research Scholarship Award (ARSA) for July 1 for the 2014 – 2015 academic year.

The purpose of the award is to provide sufficient support to allow a young clinical or scientific investigator the opportunity to spend an entire academic year being mentored in a top basic science and or clinical research laboratory focused on hereditary and early age onset colorectal cancer (CRC).

CRCDNAHost Institutions from a pool of institutions well known to the CCCF Leadership in North America, Europe, as well as Australia and Asia have agreed to participate in the ARSA program. The fundamental components the Foundation expects our supported scholars to have significant exposure to will include:

1. CRC translational genetic research
2. CRC genetic Counseling
3. G.I. Cancer Family Registries
4. Mutation Database Curation , if available
5. Surgical / Multidisciplinary clinical care of Familial / early age onset CRC patients.

Applicants will be required to complete an application which will include a written explanation of the basis for their interest and their career plans and ambitions.

Applicants must be in good standing at ACGME approved training programs. It will be the responsibility of the candidate to insure in writing from their institution that they will be able to return to their post graduate training upon completion of the fellowship if they have interrupted their clinical training to participate in the fellowship. 

To request an application please contact us at


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