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December 03, 2014

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What could the Chipmunks and Colorectal Cancer possibly have in common you ask?  

Well, a very talented and generous group of musicians called Men and Whales have pulled out all the stops to produce their very own rendition of a classic to benefit the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation!  

When you purchase the song through iTunes or Bandcampproceeds will go to the Foundation!  

Want to hear them in person?  The band will be playing at Arlene's Grocery - despite its name, Arlene’s Grocery has nothing to do with food!  The former bodega now hosts singer/songwriters and country music to edgy hard rock groups.

Men And Whales will be playing on Friday, December 12 at 8:00 PM.  The band will donate 50% of the proceeds of the show to CCCF as well.  

Remember any donation makes a difference - this one is just a little more quirky than all the others! Pass it along, share it tweet it... Just in time for the holidays!

The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation 

December 01, 2014

Not everyone feels the same way but, if we told you that one of the goals of our research is to identify those at risk of developing late stage colon or rectal cancer at a very early age we think you would agree.  We are dedicated to preventing colorectal cancer at any age but especially concerned about those diagnosed with late stage colorectal cancer (CRC) between the ages of 20-40. 

KateandSigridbAnd, our research fellow Kate McNamara certainly agrees.  Kate has already spent long days and nights reviewing thousands of colorectal cancer cases in one of the world's most comprehensive familial gastrointestinal cancer registries.

Kate's first assignment was to select appropriate cases for further study.  Then she focused on preparing tumor and germ line DNA samples for genomic sequencing. New genomic technology offers researchers like Kate the opportunity to study the biology of colorectal cancer tumors and uncover variations that predispose individuals to greater risk.  The outcome of this research will also deliver the knowledge necessary to develop targeted treatments to more effectively treat patients and monitor them for recurrence.  The sequencing of these samples can take months.  



November 20, 2014


Nan San with Step

This is how Nancy San Emeterio introuces herself when she meets someone new: "Hi, I'm Nancy.  Have you had a colonoscopy?"

There's a good reason for that brash intro.  Four years ago, out of the blue, San Emeterio was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.  She was 59 and had never had a colonoscopy - the exam recommended for most people at age 50 to determine the health of their colon.  Had San Emeterio taken the test, doctors very likely would have found a polyp on her colon and removed it.  Of this, she is certain.  Insetad, undiagnosed, it grew. Now after two bouts of colon cancer, the Middletown resident is disease-free and spreading the word about the value of screening, dianosis and treamtnet.  She wants everyone to know there's help for those who feel they cannot affors the test.  For those in treatment, San Emeterio wants them to know there's a supportive community out there.  

- Click here to read more about Nancy's fight with colon cancer:

November 11, 2014

CG logo Clinical Genomics Joining Forces with Colon Cancer Challenge

Clinical Genomics’ sponsorship highlights patient-friendly colorectal cancer screening


WHITE PLAINS, New YorkNovember 10, 2014The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF), a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to reducing colorectal cancer incidence and death throughout the United States, has been joined in the fight against colorectal cancer by Clinical Genomics, the makers of InSure®FIT™ - a user-friendly, high-compliance, high-quality colorectal cancer screening test. 

Clinical Genomics is sponsoring CCCF’s New Jersey Colon Cancer Challenge. Recognizing the prevalence of colorectal cancer and the medical community’s challenge to accurately diagnose the disease, Clinical Genomics has developed InSure FIT as a user friendly means to screen for colorectal cancer. Since receiving FDA approval over ten years ago, the InSure FIT has now been used to test millions of people for the early -- often hidden -- signs of colon cancer. The key to InSure’s success is the patented “blue brush” designed to make collecting a toilet bowl water sample simple and easy from the privacy of your own home.

Clinical Genomics representatives will be onsite at the New Jersey Challenge on November 15 to provide participants with information on the patient-friendly InSure FIT.

enterix-insure-fit-test-cards-model-11018-box-of-50“Having the support of Clinical Genomics is another way of showing our shared commitment to ending colorectal cancer,” said Dr. Thomas Weber, CCCF founder. “Too many people avoid screening because of the stigma surrounding the prep for a colonoscopy. Many don’t realize that there are effective alternatives to a colonoscopy, and Clinical Genomics is helping us provide that education.”

The money raised during the Colon Cancer Challenge involves people in the tri-state area in raising awareness of the nation’s second leading cancer killer and funds for colorectal cancer research, education and screening.

When it began in 2004, the Colon Cancer Challenge was the first colorectal cancer public awareness event in the nation. This year, more than 5,000 people have participated in the Challenge raised nearly $600,000. The Challenge continues to grow and attracts participants from 48 states and abroad. 

“We chose to sponsor CCCF because of their long history of fighting for colorectal cancer awareness, prevention and treatment,” said Robert Dachille, Vice President of Clinical Genomics, USA. “We’re committed to reducing the number of deaths that occur each year due to colorectal cancer and want to reach as many people as possible with information on effective screening methods to detect the disease as early as possible.” 

The Newark Colon Cancer Challenge starts at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 15, at Prudential Center, 25 Lafayette Street in Newark, New Jersey. Registration is $40, and includes the participation in the Remembrance & Prevention walk, T-shirt, refreshments and a ticket to that night’s Devils game, with a group photo on the ice after the game.

For more information about the Colon Cancer Challenge and the CCCF, visit

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About the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation

The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation ( is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered in New York state and listed by the Federal IRS as a public charity dedicated to reducing colorectal cancer incidence and death. Its mission includes supporting research into the causes and cures for colorectal cancer, increasing public awareness, educating the public about the importance of early detection and forming strategic partnerships in the fight against colorectal cancer.


About Clinical Genomics and Enterix, Inc.:

Enterix Inc. is a U.S.-based biotechnology company founded in 1997 that manufactures, markets, and distributes a leading-edge product for colorectal cancer screening called InSure® FIT™, a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) that is a useful screening aid for detecting primarily lower gastrointestinal bleeding disorders that may be related to iron deficiency anemia, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, polyps, adenomas, colorectal cancers or other gastrointestinal lesions that can bleed. If present, this hidden (occult) blood in stool is typically passed in the feces to the toilet bowl water. The test’s method of detection (based on antibodies to hemoglobin) and its simple-to-use water-based collection method helped improve patient compliance in one study.

The InSure® FIT™ test is FDA cleared, CLIA waived and has received strong endorsement from both clinicians and the medical products distribution industry in the USA. Clinical Genomics acquired Enterix Inc. in October 2013.

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