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Funding The Fight Against Colorectal Cancer
October 06, 2014

Funding the Fight Against Colorectal Cancer

For the 11 years the Colon Cancer Challenge has been run, we’ve raised money to bring awareness to colorectal cancer through education, fund young researchers and increase screening rates. This year, as we moved into our second decade in the fight, we began initiatives to expand the work we fund to fight cancer.

Several months ago, we provided a grant of $50,000 to the American Cancer Society to increase screening rates among uninsured and underinsured people in New York City through patient navigator programs. We’ve already seen huge progress during the last decade in the screening rates of New Yorkers over 50. But there is still a large percentage of New Yorkers not getting screened and we are going to keep fighting until everyone is getting the recommended screenings.

Many of you have heard about the travel grants we fund every year to help young researchers present groundbreaking colorectal cancer research at major conferences. This year, we are thrilled to tell you that your support is making it possible for us to fund a year-long fellowship for Dr. Kate McNamara, a general surgery resident at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

The fellowship is supporting Dr. McNamara’s research and will allow her to use the latest genomic sequencing technologies with the goal of finding new genetic mutations that may cause or contribute to colorectal cancer. As a nonprofit, we at the CCCF have been working toward funding the study of early-age onset and hereditary colorectal cancers, so selecting Dr. McNamara was a natural fit.

The scholarship award also gives her the opportunity to observe and learn from the international collaboration at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum ‎Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto). Dr. McNamara said the resources available in terms of experts in colorectal cancer care and comprehensive registries for hereditary forms of colorectal cancer will equip her to be a more effective surgeon scientist in the future.

Keep an eye out for a profile on our new Research Scholar, Dr. McNamara, later this week!


CCCF Fellow Kate McNamara, MD and CCCF Travel Grant Recipient Sigurdis Haraldsdottir, MD, MCs have a chance to meet at the 2014 Collaborative Group of the Americas (CGA) Annual Meeting



Colon Cancer Challenge Launching New Jersey Walk to Fight Cancer
September 26, 2014


Colon Cancer Challenge Launching New Jersey Walk to Fight Cancer

Annual run/walk adding third Challenge in Newark to raise money to fight colorectal cancer


WHITE PLAINS, New YorkOctober 1, 2014The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF), a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to reducing colorectal cancer incidence and death throughout the United States, has added a third Colon Cancer Challenge run/walk on November 15 at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, as it moves into the second decade of its annual public awareness and fundraising event.

prudentialcenter 0In 2014, the Challenge grew so much that the CCCF not only moved the New York City run to a new venue, but added a second Colon Cancer Challenge at Manhattanville College. By bringing the Challenge to The Rock, CCCF is expanding the reach of New York’s largest colorectal cancer awareness event, and will give even more people a chance to participate and raise money for colorectal cancer research, education and screening.

“Our supporters during the last decade of the Challenge have been outstanding, and it’s because of them that we’ve been able to add a second and third Challenge this year,” said Dr. Thomas Weber, CCCF founder. “We’re excited to come to New Jersey in our ongoing work to end colorectal cancer.”


Getting To Know You - Blog Edition
September 15, 2014

Getting to Know You – Blog Edition

BlogiconIf you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve just discovered the shiny, new Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation blog. With a website, social media and newsletters, you might have a few questions about why the CCCF is blogging. I’m here to answer the following:

  • Why are you blogging, rather than just using newsletters or social media?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • What do you want to accomplish with a blog?


Life-saving Chinese Language Public Awareness Campaign Airs on NTDTV
September 15, 2014


NTD logo


Life-saving Chinese Language 

Public Awareness Campaign Airs On NTDTV


The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation, Sponsor Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Media Partner New Tang Dynasty Television-Chinese Epoch Times (NTD-CET) Media Group are pleased to announce the first segment of a Chinese-language educational series focued on colon cancer which aired on Friday on NTD and as part of their "Health 1+1" program.

To view the program please click here ---->

Logo BayerWe would like to thank our Sponsor Bayer Pharmaceuticals for their generous support of our Mission of A World Without Colorectal Cancer and their support of the series and Media Partner (NTD-CET) for their dedication to reducing the impact of this deadly disease within the Chinese American community.

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