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Meet Our Team - Why Is 40 A VIP Number?
September 23, 2015

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Just 40 days until TEAM COLON CANCER CHALLENGE tackles the largest of all marathons in the world - the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon!  

We thought we would take the opportunity to introduce two more of this year's TOP FUNDRAISERS - Eddie and Paul. They have both committed to making their miles count in the fight against colorectal cancer. And, they are doing an amazing job! 

Now, why is 40 also a special number for us beyond the number of days to race day? 

While we have made tremendous progress in the fight against colorectal cancer within those over the age of 50, we are now facing an emerging public health crisis in thoseunder 50 - even under 40!

With your help CCCF is at the forefront of investigating the dramatic increases of colorectal cancer diagnoses among individuals under 50 years of age - we have seen a 45% increase since the mid-1990s and the incidence rates continue to increase.The most dramatic rate of increase is in young women ages 20-29!

Do you know someone who is 40 or 45 or will be soon? Make sure they know the risk factors and symptoms associated with colorectal cancer - including a FAMILY HISTORY of the disease.Those at increased risk for CRC may need to start screening at an earlier age and get tested more frequently than other people. LEARN MORE

In fact, did you know screening is recommended in African Americans beginning at age 45 years? The American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) issued updated screening guidelines for colorectal cancer (CRC) in March of 2009, including this key recommendation. Click here to read the complete --- GUIDELINE. 



Eddie_ColumboMy name is Eddie Columbo. Running a marathon is a common thing to find on a bucket list. Like many others I also wanted to run a marathon, but I did not envision running a marathon my sophomore year in college. My Aunt convinced me to run the New York City Marathon with her earlier this year.

I needed further motivation. I needed something more to push me to run this marathon, something more than just to cross it off my bucket list. I researched different organizations I could raise money for. Team Colon Cancer Challenge Caught my attention.

I had no idea how many people are affected by Colon Cancer. I knew if I wasn’t aware of the amount of people impacted by Colon Cancer, many other people would be unaware of the severity either. I train and run not only to complete a personal goal of my own, but I run to raise awareness about Colon Cancer especially among my peers. I want people to feel comfortable getting behind a relevant cause and supporting it to the fullest. I hope that my small contribution can make an impact. Thank you for all your support.

You can check out Eddie's page and support him run by clicking here:



Paul_GinnochioThis year I will be completing the NYC Marathon for the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation on behalf of my mom.  A year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and has endured a very painful battle.  Her cancer has spread to her abdomen and her chances of remission are slim.  However, she is a fighter and will continue to receive chemotherapy to manage her cancer for the rest of her life.  This will be my 3rd NYC Marathon (2009, 2014, 2015) and 4th marathon overall (2014 San Francisco Marathon).  Although I'm slow, and will be walking a good portion this year after poor training, I will finish!

This one is for mom! - Paul Ginocchio

Paul has has already surpassed his original goal of$2500. Help him CRUSH colon cancer and his goal by supporting his run here: 


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