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Meet Our Team - Why Is 50 A VIP Number?
September 15, 2015

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Just 50 days until TEAM COLON CANCER CHALLENGE tackles the largest of all marathons in the world - the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon!  

We thought this was a great day to reach out and introduce two of this year's TOP FUNDRAISERS - Emily and Margie. They have both committed to making their miles count in the fight against colorectal cancer. And, they are doing an amazing job! 

And why is 50 a special number for us beyond the number of days to race day? 

Regular screening, beginning at age 50 (for those of average risk), is the key to preventing colorectal cancer - in addition to regular exercise and a well-balanced diet! Those at higher risk of developing colorectal cancer should begin screening at a younger age, and may need to be tested more frequently. LEARN MORE

Despite these recommendations - just 65.1% of eligible adult Americans, about two-thirds, are up-to-date with colon cancer screening tests. Of the rest, most have never been screened at all.

Are you 50? Do you know someone who is 50 is or will be 50 soon? Tell them the good news, no GREAT news - early detection saves lives! Recommend they visit their physician to schedule their screening test TODAY




Austin_DrewMy name is Margie Nelson and I am running in the New York City Marathon in honor of Austin Drew. My love of running started when I was young and would ride my bike next to my dad when he would go out for a run. My dad ran two marathons, so naturally running a marathon became my goal. I have run the NYC Marathon twice before, once in 2002 and again in 2004.

This past March, my husband just lost his oldest friend to colon cancer. Throughout Austin’s battle with cancer, I participated in several colon cancer races to help raise money and awareness and to feel like I was doing something when it felt like there was nothing I could do. A week before Austin passed I felt compelled to do something bigger than the local 5k. I signed up to run for this charity so that friends and family could donate to the cause and feel like they were doing something as well. I think of Austin, his beautiful wife Gina and their 3 year old son, Halligan, on every training run.  

You can check out Margie's page and support her run by clicking here:





Emily_reardonMy name is Emily Reardon. I'm 31 years old and in my 10th year as a 7th grade Science teacher in Chicago Public Schools. I began running freshman year of high school and have loved it ever since.  While it's still tough to psyche myself up to get out for a run, the feeling once I get going and afterward is amazing. Running clears my mind and alleviates all the stress from the day. My first marathon was in 2006. I've run Chicago 6 times since. NYC will be my first marathon outside of Chicago, and on my 32nd birthday! I find myself running marathons because fall marathons are a great way to stay in shape over the summer and work toward a goal.  

I chose Team Colon Cancer Challenge to honor my mom, Claudia Reardon, who passed away in June 2014 from colon cancer. She was only 61. In less than 3 years our family quickly learned about the devastating effects of the disease. I'd do anything I could to advocate for colon health awareness so other families don't suffer the loss of a loved one due to colon cancer.  

Emily has set an ambitious goal of raising $4500. Help Emily reach her goal by supporting her run here: 





The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF) has been working since 2003, raising awareness of colorectal cancer, funding screening programs for the uninsured, and providing much needed funds to young investigators who are committed to finding a cure for colorectal canccer.


More than an estimated 51,000 Americans died from colon cancer this past year.  When you join TEAM COLON CANCER CHALLENGE you join the fight against colorectal cancer and help us spread the word that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable with early screening.  

The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF) launched TEAM COLON CANCER CHALLENGE  in 2010 to:

  • Encourage colorectal cancer survivors to incorporate exercise into their everyday lives as a way to significantly reduce the rate of recurrence,
  • Provide a grassroots opportunity for colorectal cancer survivors and their family members to raise awareness and funds for colorectal cancer in their community,
  • Offer those who have lost a loved one to colorectal cancer a positive and effective channel for their rallying cry against colorectal cancer.

TEAM COLON CANCER CHALLENGE has raised more than $400,000 in support of our efforts to raise awareness of colorectal cancer and the importance of early screening, prevention, and research.  

Registration for some events are limited and on a first come first serve basis.  For complete details visit, email us or 914.305.6674 

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