Sanjay Bery

Sanjay Bery Photojpeg

Sanjay has been a volunteer and fund rasier for the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation since 2008. Since then Sanjay and his family team (BCCH – Bery Colon Cancer Helpers) have consistently been one of the top fund raisers for the New York City Colon Cancer Challenge. Sanjay and BCCH continue to raise funds and reach out to family and friends year round to promote public awareness and the importance of early detection.


Sanjay was diagnosed in 2008 and is a stage-4 colon cancer survivor. As a survivor he brings a unique perspective to the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation board and is dedicated to sharing his story of perseverance, hope and survival.


Sanjay has over 30 years of experience in information technology focused on financial services. He lives with his wife and their 2 children in Basking Ridge, NJ.